June 29, 2017
Long overdue update, but I promise it's a good and short one.
A week ago, I just bought my first SteadiCam system. I've done the workshops and now it's time to practice with my very own Zephyr system!

Already, I have 2 small jobs lined up!!
Better get great quick and start putting my reel together.

Still working on my own films, but it's a super slow process. My editing job has been taking a lot of time, as has my 1st AC gigs. Certainly not complaining, but I need to find the right balance to be able to work on my own things.

On to practice!

Haiku love

February 24, 2017
Lots has been happening, mostly good.
Worked on a feature film (drama, action) as 1st AC, 1st unit.
Working on my application for the AFI DWW program (more on that in a later post, that will hopefully be more frequent from now on).
The short Stuck in the Middle I directed, won another award for Best Lead Actor in a Short Film!!
And, I started writing again. I absolutely fell in love with the haiku.

Here's one I love and wrote for the Women's March on Washington. Yes, I was there, because I believe...
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Update Feature Scripts & other work

February 12, 2016
2016 started great and continues to be very good to me. Thank you universe!
I know the year of the Monkey is my year. It actually is. I'm a monkey. Not in the literal sense, obviously.

Currently I'm developing and writing 3 features based on short films I made.
horror: Junoon
sci-fi drama: Kids for Lease
live action drama / action anime: Perfect Little Samurai Housewife

Authorcuts by Penguin Random House on YouTube
While writing is certainly keeping me busy, I'm continuing my editiong work f...
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Space Command: Forgiveness

December 15, 2015

Had a great experience as a 1st AC on Space Command: Forgiveness, written/produced/directed by Marc and Elaine Zicree.
We finished shooting about the first half of the script 3 weeks ago and filming will resume beginning of Spring 2016. Really hope to come back on this wonderful shoot!

What an amazing cast & crew! Every single person had such a blast being on set and worked their a** off to make this happen.
So grateful for getting this opportunity!

For more info on this great sci-fi project:
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Awards SITM continued

November 9, 2015
After 2 amazing showings at the Milan IFF 2015, I can proudly say that Stuck in the Middle has won yet another award!!
This time for Best Lead Actor in a Short Film Kris Swinnen.

Big thank you goes to Kris for writing the script and trusting me as the director with his project.
Big thank you to T'Lane Balue, lead actress, who was also nominated at the same festival for Best Lead Actress in a Short Film.
Last but certainly not least, big thank you to Nicolette Dixon, producer.

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Awards SITM

October 7, 2015
Finally a long awaited update.
The short film Stuck in the Middle, directed by myself, written by Kris Swinnen, has won the Audience Choice award at the Kansas City Film Fest 2015!
Congrats on the whole team for making this happen!! Very proud of each and every one of you.

Other nominations awaiting results:
Film Fest International Milan 2015  Best Comedy
Best Lead Actress in Short Film
Best Lead Actor in Short Film

Great Lake...
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May 2014
NEW look & NEW photos uploaded. Please check out the Photography tab. More changes to come. It's only the tip of the iceberg...

April 2014

Thank you for your continued support! Kids for Lease has been very well received so far.
At the graduation screening at Warner Bros., people laughed and cried in 9 minutes. Currently working on SFX, sound, music and color. Hoping to be all finished at the end of May. Keep checking back for info!

October 2013
After a very successful production and one amazing experience, Kids For Lease in now in post-production. Keep checking back for a teaser trailer!!

August 2013
Please check out Kids For Lease on Indiegogo. Thesis film @ NYFA LA. What does it take to stand up to authority for what you believe in, in a society where leasing kids is normal?

June 2013

- Trailer of my short film Death to Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice soon online!
- Indiegogo campaign will start in the next couple of weeks for my thesis film Kids 4 Lease.