2016 started great and continues to be very good to me. Thank you universe!
I know the year of the Monkey is my year. It actually is. I'm a monkey. Not in the literal sense, obviously.

Currently I'm developing and writing 3 features based on short films I made.
horror: Junoon
sci-fi drama: Kids for Lease
live action drama / action anime: Perfect Little Samurai Housewife

Authorcuts by Penguin Random House on YouTube
While writing is certainly keeping me busy, I'm continuing my editiong work for Penguin Random House Publishing Company and their Authorcuts YouTube channel.

Check it out! They're fun, interesting, tidbit videos of authors and their first writing, author habits, procrastination activities, and much more

Other editing work / upcoming directing
Besides editing for Penguin Random House, I'm also working on the Yale Project for their drama school department. They interview showrunners, actors, directors, DPs, and other people in the industry to add to their library.
I've been offered to direct those interviews as well, which is a fantastic opportunity!

There's another sci-fi feature film that I was able to work on as 2nd unit assistant camera.
Check out 5th Passenger by Scott Baker.
Currently in Post, shooting some pick ups and working on sfx.

Other work plans
Plenty, but I'm currently developing my own interview series, potentially for the University of Amsterdam.

Finishing up Kids for Lease and Death to Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice
Finally I found a great sfx person who so far has done an amazing job with some very difficult tasks.
I also found someone who helped to re-edit KFL and we took a whole minute off. The story flows even better and I'm very excited that it's getting closer to going in the festival circuit.
EPKs for both are almost done, posters are done.
Things are happening... Very exciting to almost be able to share these 2 shorts with the world.

I've been networking a lot, meeting some amazing people, and taking classes to keep learning. All this I will continue to do of course.

Busy, busy, busy, but loving it and certainly not complaining.
Things are starting to happen!!

Thank you for taking the time.

Keep your eyes peeled for my very 1st Q-Tip and vlog...