Films by Q



Kids For Lease

Struggling sales agent Maia treats the children at the office like products, but when defective floor model kid 91-56 is returned once again, he sparks motherly feelings within her. Will she choose to stand up to authority or does she continue to follow her career path?

Red Epic - CP2s
Thesis film, currently in Post-Production

Death to Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

In a world where good is bad and bad is good, slick Vampire and lonely Zombie team up to try and rid their local bar of the ever popular and super cute Teddy Bear.

Red Epic - Red Primes
Year 1 film 2012, currently in Post-Production

What's for Dinner?

What seemingly starts out as a wonderful date, turns into one where the unexpected is on the menu.

16mm - Arriflex S
Music video exercise week 3 MFA Filmmaking @ NYFA LA
Jan 2012

Chasing Reality

8-bit videogame hero Simon Belmont transports into our strange, modern world by accident and needs to find a way to get back into the game, but he has no idea how.

Panasonic HMC

Non-sync exercise week 4 MFA Filmmaking @ NYFA LA
Jan 2012

Dialogue was given and could not be changed. The action and setting by yours truly.

Canon 5D Mark II

First dialogue exercise @ NYFA LA
March 2012

Kahli, a young painter, found out that blood is her big inspiration for her art, but she struggles to get enough and she has to choose between her obsession for blood and art, or love.

Canon 5D Mark II

Semester 1 final project @ NYFA LA
December 2012

Junoon POV

Canon 5D Mark II
POV Exercise week 11, MFA FIlmmaking.
Excerpt from Semester 1 film Junon @ NYFA LA 

The Lonely Sock

While looking for a lost sock, a girl gets desperate to get ready for a first date. 

16mm Arriflex S
Continuity exercise week 2 MFA Filmmaking @ NYFA LA
Jan 2012

The Last Stretch

16mm Arriflex S
Mise-en-scene exercise week 1 MFA Filmmaking @ NYFA LA
Jan 2012

1 wrong decision can become a living nightmare...

16mm Arriflex S
Music exercise week 4, summer 2010 - 4 week filmmaking workshop @ NYFA LA